Just a few years ago, little was known about the actual burial place for the Confederate Soldiers at Point Clear. Legend and rumor was the order of the day, as a fire destroyed all records at the site in 1869. Other records exist in several different places relevant to individual soldiers in state military records, however. These are being researched by dedicated individuals as time goes by, and as found, more markers are ordered from the Veterans Administration and placed over the trench graves. 

Past down through the years were stories about 300 men having been brought here from the long and bloody siege at Vicksburg, MS. It was said that the men were buried in unmarked trench graves within the area outlined by a low concrete wall placed there in the early 1900s. The wall is entered via an archway entitled, "Confederate Rest". A 7" naval gun that was once used at Fort Morgan, Alabama (nearby) was donated and mounted along with a commemorative plaque. Canon balls once graced the top of each concrete pier along the wall, and a chain was spread between these canon balls to form a "fence" around the enclosed area. Most of these have been stolen by scavengers over the years. The intention is to replace these with concrete "duplicates" and restore the chains. This work was begun in 2000.

In 1999, Camp 1574 learned that ground scan radar could determine the actual placement of the trench graves, and tell us, at least approximately, how many men were really interred here. That work was finished recently after extensive scanning of the entire area. It was learned that in-fact three trenches exist as mass graves. The scans indicated that the men were laid to rest, shoulder-to-shoulder, and then more men were laid between/over-the-top of those. The exact number may never be known, but, it is believed that approximately 473 or so men rest in these mass graves. Currently, only 39 men have been positively identified thus far. Markers have also been placed for "unknown Soldiers" at two places. Efforts continue to determine the names, ranks, and service units of the confederate men that eternally rest here at Point Clear. Anyone with knowledge of any men interred here are encouraged to write us with the information.  

Mass Trench Grave Site
Typical of the Era
Ground Scan Radar Sketch

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