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This page is dedicated to the over one million Southern gentlemen that fought, were wounded, or died for Southern Independence between 1861 and 1865. May they rest in peace and may God's Perpetual Light shine upon them!

Our Memorial Services at Confederate Rest Cemetery

Our camp is currently inactive. The local SCV camp is the Fort Blakeley Camp 1864.  The Fort Blakeley Camp meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Gift Horse Restaurant in Foley, AL. We are strictly a heritage group, dedicated to the remembrance of our ancestors, and the cause for which they stood, and the lifestyle of the Old South. The DSCA, by it's own bylaws, is not, and can not be a political organization. Thus, no political views of any kind are allowed, and no candidates are ever supported, for any office outside of the organization itself.

This page contain links to points of interest for those interested in Southern Pride of heritage, and culture. We acknowledge both white and black people in this heritage, as it certainly would not be complete, one without the other. In fact, it is likely that a Blackman wrote what has come to be recognized as the Southern National Anthem, "Dixie", which you are listening to now.

The views expressed here are strictly those of Company, we do not speak for others, neither friends, or foes.




Links of interest for Southern Heritage

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Black Confederates Serving in the Army

Confederate Navy Prayer

Causes of Secession of the Southern States

DSCA Pledges

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